Wednesday, 17 October 2012

WIP-Golden October

I am back to WIP!

Last weekend we went to a friend's Wedding. I was excited all the time to watch my first German wedding from the very beginning until the very end (except my own, which could be said to be not so German^^). The bride was so beautiful, that I could just look at her all the time...

Here is a tiny little gift I crocheted for them: (They gave us last year such a special special gift for our wedding, I don't think I could ever made something similarly nice...)

Here is I outside of the church after the church ceremony::P
 The weather was really nice. Perfect for a perfect wedding! So we took another little tour on Sunday, the day after the wedding day. It would have been just a huge waste, not to enjoy the golden Autumn when the sun shines.
 The couple invited a friend of the bride to host the ceremony, who just became a priest not long ago. I have to say, the tissue they prepared for the guests for "joyful tears" were so useful.
J got me two books from the city library:
One is about knitting socks.
 Another one is about the history of the neighbourhood where we live. There are many stories that I didn't know about. We decide to visit all the sercret parts of this neighbourhood where I haven't been to.

I finished "Night and Day" from Virginia Woolf two weeks ago. Besides the book from Bernhard with help of my husband, I have no English or Chinese book to read. Since we started a long-term discussion with a Japanese friend about almost all of the works from Haruki Murakami, I decided to read "Norwegian Wood" and "What I Talk about When I Talk about Running" for the hundredth time--They are just TOO GOOD!!

The weather forecast said that this Thursday and Friday will be "the Golden October" days. So just dress up and go to hug the nature (after work...)!! Don't miss the autumn's beauty. (I love the autumn in Hamburg.) I made this yummy mummy wristwarmers (link in Ravelry) to accompany our little trips in Golden October:

Wish you enjoy the golden days, too!


  1. Hi Q,
    A handmade gift is always beautiful !!!
    Nice foto you took on your little tour.
    I wonder now if you can read my reaction because I've left you one on your earlier post and I can't read it. Only 5 of the 11 posts are there. Or is it just only on my pc ??

    Greetings from Belgium

    1. Dear Susie,

      thank you for your comment, again. Yes, I read your eariler Comment. I can still read it. I replied, too. (That's why I finially figured out how to add a "follow" button.:)) Also it shows me all the comments and my replies. It is soooo sad that you cannot read yours! I checked again the setting options of the blog. I don't understand why it happened. I will check it again, with help from the website and wish it goes back to normal again.

      The red top you made is so cute!

      Best regards from Hamburg


  2. What a lovely handmade gift for them! Congratulations to your friends :o)

  3. your handmade with love gift was so special, i'm sure the happy couple will treasure it! enjoy discovering those hidden places in your neighborhood, that sounds fun. and such a lovely wrist warmer too!

  4. Looks like a lovely wedding; it's always nice to be blessed with a clear sunny day :) I like your wristwarmers too - I find a little something like that really takes away the chill :)

  5. Nice wedding!
    I love the idea of the placemats and matching coasters for gifts.

  6. Pretty hearts in your present. Perfect handmade gift.

    Lovely wrist warmer for exploring Autumn.

    Enjoy the socks.