Monday, 29 October 2012

the winter comes...

Before I start about the wintertime, please allow me to share few blogers and designers that I found these days.
1. a Japanese designer and bloger Tricotin, where she puts on many super lovely projects. But the blog is on French and Japanese. I don't speak any French, nor did I learn any Japanese. My Chinese can only help tiny bit...

2. a Korean designer. Jean Chung Design
I just love the white wedding dress!!

3. the third one I just found in the internet. It is a Knit & Crochet cafe. What unbelievable is: it is right next to Ewha Womans Unviersity!!! I lived and studied there for three years and didn't get a chance! It is sooooooooo lovely and perfect!
It just enhances my willing for visit Korea for another time soon!
The Winter Comes

Since 28th October, it changed to winter-time. The weather has been good on weekends. We have been out to cherish the treature of autumn as much as we can.

Water! All kinds of water! That's what we want to see!
A beach not far from Kiel, the Alster lake and the Elbe river. Within a distance of 200 km from home is the circle we can get.

If there was a perfect season to read Murakami, I would say it should be autumn.We finished one of his books--while I was knitting and crocheting, my husband read me the book from time to time.

I have been also busy at finishing my list of Christmas gifts and decorations, as well as some light accessaries for our winer trip^^

Christmas Snowflakes Stocking by Laura Gebhardt

Winter or Christmas Scrubbies by Pam Daley
Knitted Chrismas Tree by Baiba Dzelme

knitted mini christmas stockings

How is your holiday list? 

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