Wednesday, 26 September 2012

WIP-sweet lace shawl as gift

Another Wednesday!

After I showed my friend the Angora Scarf, she really like it. Since I still had one spare ball of yarn, I made a shawl for her.

Thank Fizule71 again, for sharing this great pattern!!

Here come the photos:


I got two balls of super lovely lovely yarn from my best friend in Germany! The color is just GREAT! I haven't decided what shall I crochet out of them. I feel quite nervous to start!

I am back from a jobinterview this morning. I will be informed this week...I wish to work a little bit more before we go for the trip in December.

I still didn't get the good time and weather to take photos of me with my new top and new scarf. Maybe in Hamburg I should not wait for a good weather at all.^~

Here are some WIP links, where you can find lots of interesting projects, blogers and stories.
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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

WIP-Angora Scarf

I made the first scarf for myself.

Thank Fizule71 for offering this amazing Angora Scarf pattern.

I wore it on Monday when Julia and I planned to visit the first German-Chinese bilingual Kindergarden not far from where I live. She really liked my scarf. I still have some of the same yarn, so this week I am going to make a similar one for her. She also invited me to join a new team for theater play. I am very excited to join the first meeting this Friday!

Here come the photos of the scarf:


I finished the edging of the crochet lace top . I will post the finished version soon!

Last weekend we went to a wild-zoo not far from Hamburg (45 mins drive) with a friend's family. The little sweety wore the dress I crocheted for her months ago:

I finished the book
 We started to read this one from Thomas Bernhard together.

We plan to visit a city with friends this weekend, which is called: Glückstadt ("Happycity"). Just for the name, how can I reject going there?:)
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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

WIP-something for yourself on International Crochet Day

I read this morning, that today is International Crochet Day.

I have to post this week's WIP before I go to work!!

I made a top for myself. It is almost the first time that I crochet something just for myself! After I finish the edging, it will be done.

Thanks People's Web  for sharing this Crochet Lace Top pattern. I made the top a little bit shorter.

Here we go:

Happy International Crochet Day! You might want to join this, too:International Crochet Day Celecrates Year 5
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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

WIP-Little Purple Purse

Last weekend we went to a little town not far from Hamburg-- Ratzeburg. We all wore sweater and leather jackets. But it didn't save us from catching cold. More unfortunately both of my husband and I had to work a lot for different conferences this week . I feel that I can sleep all day for 24 hours if I could!!!

But still, I managed to made this little purple purse. Thanks Tangled Happy for offering the link and her own design for this pattern. She got an amazing blog, which is like a database for so many patterns!

Here is what I made:

I am going to crochet another one today, which would be a little bit bigger and with other colors.

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