Wednesday, 1 August 2012

WIP-calm down and new start

Another Wednesday, and already August!

I finished a pot holder last week: The characters mean: red and fire. When you say "red red fire fire 红红火火(hong hong huo huo)", it means "wish your life or business goes great and as blooming red fire."
So is it a set:

I also crocheted a cosy for my cellphone. There is already some scratches on the screen. My husband has been asking me why didn't I make something for the cellphone. Finally here it is:

I would like to make another one for a friend who is also as careless as me. 

J always wants to show me a shopping center where she got so many good deals. So we went together one afternoon. Then one club night and two and half days accompany a chinese girl introduced by one of my best friends in China. 
And also because that the Olympic Game has started! We spent most of the evenings since last Friday at home watching swimming. Although we don't approve the Chinese way of training champions and players, it is still great fun to feel the passion. 

1. walk and park
That is why we only went once in the park last week, even though the weather was so nice--like real summer. We finally found the Japanese tea house in a park. There will be a tea ceremony given by the Japanese tea ceremony master next Sunday. That is also the weekend when my cousin is here. We plan to go together. 
We went to a markt last week. After my visit of my eyesdoctor.
It is said to be the biggest free-air markt in Europe, it is 950 meters long. We saw several handcraft stands. I talked to the lovely ladies, they were all so friendly and kind! I need to show my cousin this markt, too!

2. book and food
I am still reading the same book. 
We decided to send each other a book this month. My husband already got an idea. I am still searching. Maybe another book from Kazuo Ishiguro. His "The Remains of the Day" moved me a lot. Then I read his "Never Let Me Go" in the library, which was not so good as the first one. 

We also found one sweet local  Hamburg restaurant. It is quite hiden in St. Georg, but is really good. We plan to show my cousin there and also invite J and her boyfriend to get a real local taste.

3. old and new
The new shampoos and body lotions finally arrived  today!! I waited for a whole week! 

I got a new pair of glasses. It was another struggle. Firstly my doctor told me that I might need some surgery with my eyelash. Because Asians have different eyelashes from Europeans-- they don't curl up but stay straight down, which might scratch the eyeball from time to time. I have heard of this when I was in Korea. Many girls do that, not out of the reason I mentioned, but to "look better". I guess I will just leave it, since I really feel nothing and there are millions of Chinese who have never heard of such problems.:) Then I went to opticians. We spent hours there, because of my nose. The gap between the glassframe and my nose is too big. It made many glassframe really look wierd! Because the asian noses are lower. :) (which is also a  reason that so many girls do plastic surgery to higher their noses...)

4. use up
I finished one whole package of rose tea. Now it is turn for so called "golden-and-silver-flower tea" which picked up by my father when he climbed moutain. 
One German learning magzine is done, with lots of help from my husband.:P

After two days of raining, it is sunny again. Time to take a walk and find some new beauty of life.:)


  1. I really should make something for my cell phone too, I suppose. Oh! And your potholders are amazing!

    1. Thanks, Jenletts. The cosy really helps! But a little bit unpractical to take the handy out and put it back again.:P

  2. You certainly are keeping busy with crocheting so many lovely potholders. I like that you put the Chinese symbols on them. A very nice gift with special meaning. Happy August! Tammy

    1. Thank you Tammy! All the comments and the activities like WIP really keep my motivation and passion! Wish you a nice August, too!

  3. I need to make the cell phone cozies for both me and my she wants one for her tablet too.

    1. It brought a lot of fun to make them! I wish you will enjoy the project, too!