Wednesday, 4 July 2012

something chinese!

Julia asked me yesterday whether I can try something with Chinese characters. Here we go!
First try and second, what a mess...with Chinese characters...

 The first one is 吉 (Ji 2nd tune),which means happy, fortunate or lucky, actually, I think it means all of these three. It is usually used for wishes. The Chinese use it quite often in wishes, in Chinese new year, or for a new opening of a business.

 The next one is 福 (Fu also 2nd tune), it means wellness, luck, and also happiness. The Chinese, or at least my family in China and many friends of mine, they hang a 福 upside down at the chinese new year, which means the luck, wellness and happiness come. (because "upside down" in Chinese has the same sound of "arrive").
Wish some of you get some new interest in Chinese characters and more passion with crochet!

I am also doing WIP Wednesday with Ambassador Crochet

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