Wednesday, 25 July 2012

home, sweet home

It was another busy week. And a not less busy one now.

I have made these two sets, as a gift to a friend for her "move-in" party. 

The Chinese character on it means "home"-家

I. new routines:
These days we set up some new routines, no matter how long  they can last, we are enjoying them and expecting to have more fun from them. 

1. walk and park:
Since my husband's dissertation correction for the last time is almost done, he gets less load because of it. He gets to come home much earlier. We started to take walks in the city. We walked to different parks near or far from our home- the Innocent Park (which is my favorite. It is the closest one. It is small and sweet. I go there some time in the morning when there is not yet too many people); the Flower and Plant park (which is also close, but also near to the old law school where my husband went. We are not big fun of seeing the law school and the kids there any more...:P); the City Park and the park next to the lake. Sometimes we get lost and would find some very lovely views, they might be some sweet flats or hourses, or a hiden little park. 

2. meet and talk:
We have several parties or meets with friends last week. There is just too much going on these days. Friends keep leaving or moving. Julia invited us once for a BBQ party in the park. Her BF and my husband were basically the only ones who worked on the grill. After they almost finished the first round of grill and before everyone got to eat, it started to rain like crasy...
Almost in all the meets, there is always one topic (the GUYS talked about!!!)- baby. Friends of my husband started to talk about their baby plans. We have discussed between us and got the conclusion that we would like our babies to be born in the year of Horse, Dog or Sheep. The closest is the year of Horse, which is the year after next year. Then I just accidently heard that my husband thought it was next year!! After I "clarified", there is no rush any more.:P

3. read and food:
When we go for a walk, we always take some home-made food and books with us. So we can always feel free to sit down once we find a really calm and lovely place. We finished reading the same book last month. Now we are back to our own books. 

II. Changes:
1. old and new:
A friend in China introduced me another friend, who lives in Holland now and is going to visit us then goes to China. Therefore the friend in China asked me to buy so many stuff to be carried back to China. I have been receiving packages and going out for shopping literally EVERYDAY! At home now there are stuff from the shopping list everywhere. We both hope the girl comes sooner. 
This crazy shopping lists helps me to realize how unorganized I am at home. So I started to clean up and reorganize our flat- I started with kitchen and bathroom. I threw out all the empty bottles of shower gels, body lotions and cosmetics and ordered new ones. Then we packed so many old clothes and made room for new ones. I knew that my husband had so many old clothes, but I didn't know they were SO OLD! After we got new jacket, pants, socks etc for him, he joked that it is really good to be married-- no more ten years old clothes. 

2. exchange:
I have two Tandem Cafe partners. I met each of them once a week, so I can have twice practices each week. B is for speak and listen, F is for grammar and write. Now B is visiting China for three months. (so long!!) My husband has to be my language exchange partner for one day a week. Even though we talk in German everyday at home, but it feels different when you both sit down and set the time and topic limit. 

3. use up:
I gathered all the yarn I have, and I was surprised how much space they take and actually how nice they all are. It is such a pity to be forgotten and "replaced" with the new ones. So I decided not to buy any new one until I have made enough good uses of the "old" ones. 

The books which I bought or got from time to time, the ones which were read for less than half and forgotten again-- started to read one after one again. 

The tea I brought from China, some of which were actually made by my lovely dad and prepared by my mum, those are said to be good for your eyes, lung or for preparision for pregnancy-- I shall never let them just lay there! So I started to drink different tea each afternoon or early evening. My parents always feel very happy when I tell them the tea works and I want more packs of this or that. 

The German learning magzines--I really have to force myself to sit down at least 30 mins everyday, just to finish them page after page! You might not see the effect? Only if you keep going on!
All the notebooks we gathered for years-- I am trying to using them up, by making to-do or shopping list, carrying one all the time for any notes one after one. 

So much for today, I am afraid nobody is so bored as me to read through all of it. But it feels always good to make it clear and then deal with things one after one. 

My cousin is going to visit us next months. We have been planning excursions near or far. (or we have to^^)

But no matter how much we enjoy our walk, read in the park or meet, we always feel strongly that home is the best place.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Finish the tea

Here are how they look like, after they are totally done!

 Then I made this pencilglass out of an old jar. The chinese character on it means "Pen"

Quite busy these weeks, but never forgive the fun of crochet!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday, Chinese project goes on

Another WIP!
I am still working on more and more coffee mats with Chinese characters on them.

Here are how many I got:
 This pink one means "flower".
 This dark green one means "tee", I am working on different green ones.
 The last is one of the two characters for "coffee".
What do you think of them? I would love to know your ideas!:)


Tuesday, 10 July 2012

pretty box for wolls

I learned hpretty-floral-trinket-box from Janet.

It was quite small, so I use it for the left wolls. Isn't it lovely?:)

My chinese project is still going on! More are coming!

Monday, 9 July 2012

My dressed up jar

Thanks for Lulu loves offering a pattern link to Nature Nut Notes

I did this spargel jar. It was planned to be a candle holder, but my husband said it would be too warm.

So now it turns to be a hook bottle!

Another busy week-- I am going to talk to my boss again, my husband and I are waiting for a call from the flat agency, we are going to try a new car again and I am going to visit my friend whom I haven't seen for two months!

Friday, 6 July 2012

China time goes on

I finished the second Coffee mat with Chinese characters on it.

I don't know how to change the direction of the picture. They appear to be the right direction on my laptop, but not on blog!
The meaning of these two characters are here:
something Chinese!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

something chinese!

Julia asked me yesterday whether I can try something with Chinese characters. Here we go!
First try and second, what a mess...with Chinese characters...

 The first one is 吉 (Ji 2nd tune),which means happy, fortunate or lucky, actually, I think it means all of these three. It is usually used for wishes. The Chinese use it quite often in wishes, in Chinese new year, or for a new opening of a business.

 The next one is 福 (Fu also 2nd tune), it means wellness, luck, and also happiness. The Chinese, or at least my family in China and many friends of mine, they hang a 福 upside down at the chinese new year, which means the luck, wellness and happiness come. (because "upside down" in Chinese has the same sound of "arrive").
Wish some of you get some new interest in Chinese characters and more passion with crochet!

I am also doing WIP Wednesday with Ambassador Crochet

new table cover

I finished the table cover last night, after a whole day of boring work in the firm!

I had a different idea at the beginning. I didn't get enough yarn for the old idea,(which looks so:the old idea of deskcloth ) then I mistakely bought another colour which is slightly different. So, I redid it, now it looks so:

Thanks for Petals to Picots, whose blog kept my motivation and passion of crocheting.

Also thank my husband, who encourages me all the time. 

There will be China-Time in Hamburg this August. My friend Julia who works in Konfuzius Institute asks me, whether I can crochet something chinese, so maybe they can show them in their China markt in the Cityhall square! Of course I would love to!

Monday, 2 July 2012

something green

Finally finished this dishcloth. First time I tried something green.