Friday, 15 June 2012

what really cheers me up!?

See what I got?!

I just got this new job offer and I passed the interview. Then I really worked like crazy for two days. Yesterday I arrived at home at 22:00!!!! I took today free, but still the superior called me when I was on my way with a friend. He asked me several questions on what I worked yesterday, etc. ...
Anyway, I was really stressed because of this new offer. I stated at the very beginning that my German is not good enough for certain work, but the company just wants to get what it wants when it wants it. No time for excuse.
What really cheers me up? New colourful yarns!!!!

After I picked up these, I really felt sooooooo much better!

My husband always asks me, why shall I let myself suffer from certain work and colleagues when it is totally not necessary. He always offers me to just stay at home or just do whatever makes me happy and feel right.
Why not?

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