Thursday, 21 June 2012

something new

I am working on this dishcloth. However I didn't get enough yarn for it. Gotta buy some more tomorrow!

I just quited the new job yesterday. It happened very fast. The boss could not understand or accept that I didn't want to work there anymore. He offered several different changes at work. But it was too clear to me that nothing would really change, and the work was really not right for me. So, why waste the time and energy for both?

Here we go, something new, what brings me more happiness than any hours in a office in the law firm.
 I will learn next week from my language partner B, how to make better pictures:)
Also I will spend some time until the end of this year, for another try--also my last try-- in a law firm. If the third one shows me exactly like the first two, I would just accept it, that law firm in Germany (or in any countries, especially where I worked) is not right to me.

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