Saturday, 9 June 2012

not too easy, nor too hard

I have been thinking of changing the current job for a while. Mostly because I am not valued enough in the firm, also there are some reasons from one colleague.

My current job is also my first job ever, of course also the first one in Germany. I got it very easily, easier than I ever thought. But it shows also that, when it is so easy, it might be something not right enough:)

I have sent one application before the two weeks vocation. I haven't got any answer yet. That's why I am going to send another two this weekend.

Yesterday I got really depressed, because I suddenly felt that I don't work good, neither take good enough care of our home. Even though it is so small.

Luckily, my husband is always supportive and helpful. He comformts me a lot and always says, "why the suffer if you don't like the job. You can just do whatever you want to do. You can just stay at home and crochet."

That really means a lot to me. Because when I am depressed, I even thought it was the crochet which took so much time and energy from me.

I will just give it another try for another job. Then we will see.

Here is sth I made before the vocation. I lerned the pattern from "the Purl Bee"
here is the link:

Here is what I made:)

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