Thursday, 28 June 2012

deskcloth for little table, Still going on

I have been working on it for almost a month...when am I going to finish it?

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

save the kitchen

I just finished this Mitten, which I learned from Toni Rexroat

Here is the link, where you can find the pattern and make your own mittens!

We got some water problem in the little kitchen, waiting for it be solved tomorrow morning at 7:30!!! 
Then, my first appointment with my dentist ever in Germany...:(

Thursday, 21 June 2012

something new

I am working on this dishcloth. However I didn't get enough yarn for it. Gotta buy some more tomorrow!

I just quited the new job yesterday. It happened very fast. The boss could not understand or accept that I didn't want to work there anymore. He offered several different changes at work. But it was too clear to me that nothing would really change, and the work was really not right for me. So, why waste the time and energy for both?

Here we go, something new, what brings me more happiness than any hours in a office in the law firm.
 I will learn next week from my language partner B, how to make better pictures:)
Also I will spend some time until the end of this year, for another try--also my last try-- in a law firm. If the third one shows me exactly like the first two, I would just accept it, that law firm in Germany (or in any countries, especially where I worked) is not right to me.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

dishcloth and dishcloth

Recently I got a fever about dishcloth!
All colors! All patterns!
Just one after one, when I am not at work surfering.:)

Friday, 15 June 2012

what really cheers me up!?

See what I got?!

I just got this new job offer and I passed the interview. Then I really worked like crazy for two days. Yesterday I arrived at home at 22:00!!!! I took today free, but still the superior called me when I was on my way with a friend. He asked me several questions on what I worked yesterday, etc. ...
Anyway, I was really stressed because of this new offer. I stated at the very beginning that my German is not good enough for certain work, but the company just wants to get what it wants when it wants it. No time for excuse.
What really cheers me up? New colourful yarns!!!!

After I picked up these, I really felt sooooooo much better!

My husband always asks me, why shall I let myself suffer from certain work and colleagues when it is totally not necessary. He always offers me to just stay at home or just do whatever makes me happy and feel right.
Why not?

Monday, 11 June 2012

it only gets better

Thanks to a pattern from . I also added an edge which I learned from Nicky Epstein's book.

I made this platedish for a colleague who is always very nice to me, she is going to leave the company soon. 

Here you can also fine the pattern.

Besides, I just sent another two applications for new jobs this morning. Few hours late, I already got an affirmative answer!!!! I am looking forward to give it another try!

Everything will just get better and better:)

Sunday, 10 June 2012

new summer babydress

I made this summer dress for a friend's baby who is a bit elder than 1 year old:)

Saturday, 9 June 2012

not too easy, nor too hard

I have been thinking of changing the current job for a while. Mostly because I am not valued enough in the firm, also there are some reasons from one colleague.

My current job is also my first job ever, of course also the first one in Germany. I got it very easily, easier than I ever thought. But it shows also that, when it is so easy, it might be something not right enough:)

I have sent one application before the two weeks vocation. I haven't got any answer yet. That's why I am going to send another two this weekend.

Yesterday I got really depressed, because I suddenly felt that I don't work good, neither take good enough care of our home. Even though it is so small.

Luckily, my husband is always supportive and helpful. He comformts me a lot and always says, "why the suffer if you don't like the job. You can just do whatever you want to do. You can just stay at home and crochet."

That really means a lot to me. Because when I am depressed, I even thought it was the crochet which took so much time and energy from me.

I will just give it another try for another job. Then we will see.

Here is sth I made before the vocation. I lerned the pattern from "the Purl Bee"
here is the link:

Here is what I made:)