Thursday, 10 May 2012

Cheerful table

After one day work in the law firm, I always need some time to get really relax...:)

That's why I spend the whole day yesterday only at home...I actually went out once to get the book I ordered few days ago. A Fotobook about our first honeymoon in Portugal last month.

Then I recieved a magzine that my mother in law sent me. It is about China and half of it was in Chinese. Of course as always I didn't like most of the articles (both in Chinese and German) very much. But it is so lovely that she thinks of me. 

Then I got to focus on this cheerful dishcloth. The two flower pin were made days ago. It was kind of tiring to making more dishcloth with this pattern and colour. That's why I decided to make something else and come back to it later. I planned to crochet totally 4 as a set. 
I want to give the flower pins to a lovely girl who I met in Hamburg. They are kind of her colours:)

Actually last night I also tried to KNIT the dishcloth. But it didn't turn out to be good at all...

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